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Dunlop Enduro Foam Hybrid Frame
With 10 Year Warranty

Today's waterbeds are replacing the timber frame waterbed of the 80's and 90's whereas the timber supported the weight and shape of the bladder. The hybrid frame must be supportive as they must hold half a ton of water.

Our foam frame does that, the sides of the Pleasant Dreams or Dream Merchant will be as straight in 15 years as the day it was installed.

An example of budget hybrid frames are using a standard grade foam. Budget foam will not have the merix material attached to the foam, without this the sides bow out taking the shape of a banana and the bladder will not be supported.

Supplied by NSW retailer: The foam is wrapped in a fabric material, then rolled out to make the frame.

Covers :: Wool zip covers with ...
Item Queen King
Foam basin with 400 gram wool 1,245.00 1,350.00
400 gram wool 495.00 595.00
Timber Woolen Underlay 375.00 445.00

All prices are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST

* Prices as at 4 April 2023. All prices subject to change without notice.

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