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Shire Waterbed Service offers a complete range of waterbed conditioner and care products to maintain your waterbed. To help you get the very best from your investment in flotation sleep, we have searched the world to provide you with the the finest water mattress care and accessory products on the market. Each has been carefully tested to be guaranteed compatible with Clipper products.

Blue Magic® water conditioner and vinyl protectant products are specially designed to protect against vinyl degradation caused by many factors including bacterial growth, heat, weight and pressure. When applied regularly, Blue Magic Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant protects and extends the life of any vinyl surface.

These products can be delivered direct to your home or place of work.


Sapphire Conditioner - 2 bottles @ 20.00

Six (6) month internal treatment to condition and deodorize the water, lubricate the vinyl and sequester harmful minerals. Seven active ingredients.

Multi Purpose Conditioner

MultiPurpose Conditioner - 15.00 each

Specially formulated with increased degassing, de-scaling and deodorising agents. Heavy duty vinyl conditioners make this the premium product. Recommended for initial fill for all fibre or foam beds or wherever water quality is suspect.

Vinyl Cleaner & Protectant

Vinyl Cleaner & Protectant - 15.00 each

Provides ultimate care for the mattress exterior. Cleans and lubricates the vinyl and can extend mattress life. Effectively removes dead skin containing cosmetics and body oils which are aggressive to the vinyl. Soaps and several other cleaners contain ammonia which is harmful to soft vinyl.

Pull Cap

Pull Cap & Seal - 5.00 each

Patented design allows the valve to be easily pulled up for filling or draining and provides secure closure. Over 25 million sold to various manufacturers world wide.

Repair Kit

Vinyl Repair Kit - 10.00 each

Precisely formulated adhesive and generous pieces of waterbed vinyl ensure quick and easy mattress repair, often without draining the mattress.


Air Extractor - 20.00 each

One person can quickly and efficiently remove noisy air bubbles from a mattress.

Item Quantity Price
Six Month Conditioner 2 bottles $20.00
Multi Purpose Conditioner 1 bottle $15.00
Vinyl Cleaner & Protectant 1 bottle $15.00
Pull Cap & Seal 1 box $5.00
Vinyl Repair Kit 1 box $10.00
Air Extractor 1 each $20.00

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